Smart Contract Management Solution (sCMS)
20 December, 2021 by
Smart Contract Management Solution (sCMS)
Laps Solutions Limited

We recently launched our self-developed software – Smart Contract Management Solution (sCMS). It is a SaaS solution and service that supports the automation of overall contract lifecycle process management.

Our sCMS can be safely operated and used on various cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. It can also integrate seamlessly with many third-party office software suites such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Mailchimp, SharePoint, Office 365.

Using our sCMS, your management team will get an integrated user interface and a highly intuitive view of the records and data related to an entire sales contract transaction, and easily track the development of the sales contract life cycle. The members of your organization team will use the system safely according to the appropriate access rights and cooperate effectively to fully grasp and use contract information.

Laps sCMS can organize all application data from Customers and Sales, Suppliers and Purchase, Inventory and Delivery, Invoicing and Billing under a single contract perspective. You can also better understand all your business contracts, review the past, and predict the future.

It can help you more easily search and identify the contract data to support faster business decisions.

sCMS also embeds AI and machine learning capabilities to help identify trends and patterns in data, and predict business value to gain business insight and support business decision-making.

sCMS can help your manager control and monitor contract commitment and compliance. For example, a sales manager will easily identify the delivery status of multiple orders for a specific contract; a financial manager can predict the sales profit from a certain customer contract.

In addition to implementing our ready-to-use sCMS, we can also customize solutions based on your operational workflow to meet your specific business needs.

You are welcome to contact us for a demonstration.

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