Cloud Services

Our team of professionals will listen to and understand your business needs and development plans.

We will recommend and customize the cloud solutions which best fit your needs. 

We shall provide business and IT leaders the flexibility in deployment models and serve the unique needs of your business and workforce. 

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Our Customer Service and Support are committed to assisting you with:

  • round the clock 24x7x365 managed SLAs

  • industry expertise and platform monitoring

  • service hotline in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • optional local onsite support (HK & PRC)


We use responsive web design approach to build websites which provide optimal viewing experience: quality design, easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones.

Other than mobile web app, our programming team is capable of handling the native application development environment: iOS and Android.

We are a non-traditional application developer: we strike a good balance on backend technical functionalities and quality frontend design, as well as excellent UX/UI. We believe only an easy-to-use, attractive and efficient tool that makes sense to business can bring benefits and profits to clients. 

develop & operate (DevOp)

All our solutions are cloud based. They are designed and developed with industry‘s de facto standard for security implementation, and supported with excellence customer service.

Other than providing infrastructure services like DNS, web, email, file and backup hosting services, we are able to design, develop, maintain and operate the e-commerce websites on B2B and B2C platforms such as Tmall of Alibaba Group. We shape your tomorrow business by:

  • providing consultation and strategic advice on how to build up and operate your e-commerce business

  • helping you create your e-shops on different online platforms 

  • providing professional design and copywriting services

  • performing search engine optimization and online advertising

  • training up your colleagues to maintain proper online business activities

and many other operation services we mutually agree to engage under a service contract with SLAs.

1,000+ accounts work with Laps Solutions and grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company and business a better